Wedding Photography in Adelaide | Sydney | Melbourne

Wedding Photography in Adelaide | Sydney | Melbourne

I've had some suspicions about wedding photography, and people's beliefs about wedding photographers for a while. To see if my suspicions were right I conducted a survey online (of 70 married people - NONE were clients of Nicholas Purcell Studio) and these are the surprising results.

71 % of people said, overall they were not happy with their wedding photographer!

Of those 71%, 40% said the photographer missed key aspects of the wedding ie the kiss, another 40% said their expectations weren't handled well, 20% said there were too many poor quality images, and 20% said all images were poor quality.

57% of all surveyed said their single biggest regret from their wedding was the quality of their photographer, followed by 28% regretted their choice of caterer, and 14% their venue.

33% said they picked their photographer because they were cheap, another 33% said the photographer was a friend and another 33% said they were chosen upon word of mouth recommendation.

An astonishing 85% of respondents said they should have hired a better photographer and would do so if they had their time again.

I'm going to get back to you about this soon...


Written by Nicholas Purcell