Here's the inaugural 2014 list of the Top 20 retail stores where you can buy an engagement ring in Melbourne.

You can of course try online retailers and there are plenty of excellent small jewellers who may be able to custom make a ring for you. 

Why is a wedding photographer making this list? I like to do things that help my clients.

So, in alphabetical order (and I'm not endorsing any of these retailers)... 

  1. James Alfredson
  2. Anton Jewellery
  3. Paul Bram
  4. Bvlgari
  5. Cartier
  6. Chanel
  7. Hardy Bros.
  8. Michael Hill
  9. Georg Jensen
  10. Josan
  11. Keshett
  12. Adrian Lewis
  13. Jan Logan 
  14. Krista Mcrae
  15. Charles Rose
  16. Rutherfords
  17. Ian Sharp
  18. Tiffany's
  19. Mary Titchener Fine Jewels
  20. Vahe Fine Jewellery

Here's the latest fashion from the US, have a photographer (me!) capture your surprise proposal. Contact me if this sounds like a good idea. 

Nicholas Purcell