Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer


I'm Nicholas Purcell, an Australian photographer who shoots weddings around the world. They're my photos to the right.

You want to know what to ask a prospective wedding photographer and as someone who has worked in this area for a long time I have some insights that might help you.

There are lots of lists of questions online, they're not a bad place to start but here's the things you should  consider and ask to cover yourself and avoid accidentally hiring the wrong person.

1. Meet the photographer preferably in person or via Skype. Do you get a good feeling or at least does everything feel good? Sometimes you just won't click with someone and no matter how good their photos are you don't want to spend your wedding day with them.

2. Ask to see a full wedding story not just the highlights. I don't mean every image from a wedding but instead the images that tell the story of the day from morning until night. That's why I post full weddings on my blog.

3. Ask what happens if they're sick on the day.

4. Ask how many weddings they've shot.

5. Find out what blogs they've appeared on online - this is tricky because blogs can favour certain types of photography however generally speaking it is a third party confirmation that your photographer is a good one.

6. Most photographers out there are super hardworking, passionate types. But there's a few dodgy operators. Protect yourself by doing a reverse image search on their images. Make sure the images on their website etc were actually taken by them. Link is here to help you do this.

7. Finally, ask yourself, do you like their work. Do you really like it?

Whether you plan on being barefoot in a garden or well-heeled in a ballroom, I love photographing every variety of wedding. Don't assume I might not be interested or available in your day - weddings, to me, are about the start of a new family and family trumps everything.

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