I'm an Adelaide Hills Wedding Photographer


You're looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and you found me.

I'm Nicholas Purcell, an Australian photographer based in Adelaide who shoots weddings around the world.

I'd like to you to consider me for your wedding photography but you're probably wondering why you should.

I'll try and answer that below.

1) Are his photos beautiful and memorable?

To the right you can see a small sample of my photos. My work has featured in lots of the biggest blogs including Style Me Pretty, I've been quoted on Brides.com and I've been included on this list. To the right is a few of my favourite wedding photos I've taken or check out my work here or here.

2) Can I afford him?

My rates start at AUD$3500. 

If you can't afford this but have an amazing wedding or elopement planned drop me a line anyway and tell me about it, everything's negotiable.

3) Does he have good testimonials?

Read more testimonials here but this is my favourite. It's from Ellie, a client whose wedding I shot in Canada last year:

Nicholas was absolutely incredible throughout the whole wedding experience. Our wedding pictures are so beautiful and truly capture the mood and details of the whole day. Having seen samples of Nicholas’ work, we knew how talented he is, but our photos blew us away (there were definitely tears during the first viewing). He captured exactly what we were hoping for - candid and natural, these are memories that we have forever.

We really cannot recommend Nicholas enough - his work is stunning and he is a truly lovely person to be around on your special day. Thank you!!

4) Why wouldn't I hire a local?

If photography is important to you, you know that it's an art, it's something highly personal. You should hire the person whose work you have an emotional response to, who makes you feel something - regardless of where they live.

And since we'll spend a day (or days) together it's important that we might get along. Please read my philosophy and approach here to learn who I am and what I value.

I'm never ever satisfied artistically and so I'm always pushing myself to create better work. I hope my best work is ahead of me.

If I am the right person for you, then travel isn't an issue.


Photography Adelaide Hills

Whether you plan on being barefoot in a garden or well-heeled in a ballroom, I love photographing every variety of wedding. Don't assume I might not be interested or available in your day - weddings, to me, are about the start of a new family and family trumps everything.

What now? 

Send me an email below. Tell me your story. 


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