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Exclusive, private and unique wedding venues

A lot of my clients ask me if I know of any exclusive wedding venues, private houses or estates that don't usually, or rarely, cater for the general public. The answer, invariably, is yes. I know of a number of families who will open up their homes in the right circumstances. 

For example, there's an amazing mansion in a beautiful part of Victoria. It's one of the oldest homes in the state, it's full of antiques and it has extensive beautiful gardens. The owners make the house available for only one or two weddings a year. Would you be willing to spend $20,000 simply to hire this exclusive, private mansion?

Very soon I'm going to share with you a new service I'm offering, namely, linking up couples with private venue owners. Be warned though, these houses are costly, but they do provide a unique venue for your wedding.

UPDATE: Please click here to visit our new service: Unique Wedding Venues

Written by Nicholas Purcell  


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