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Interview with Scottish Destination Wedding Planner Litu Destination Weddings in Scotland.

Interview with Scottish Destination Wedding Planner Litu Destination Weddings in Scotland.

This article is part of the  UK Wedding Blog

This article is part of the UK Wedding Blog

Destination Wedding Scotland Castle

Destination Wedding Scotland Castle

Interview with Scottish Destination Wedding Planner Litu Destination Weddings in Scotland.

Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary Todd Lincoln said that "beautiful, glorious Scotland" ruined every other country for her. It's a landscape of stringent beauty and it definitely should be on every couples list for a destination wedding venue.

I spoke with Kimmie Brown from Litu Destination Weddings in Scotland and asked her some questions about how she can help couples who want to get married in Scotland.  

1. How can Litu help international clients who would like to get married in Scotland? 


Litu offer a hand held professional service particularly for the destination market. We take care of all the bookings, confirmations, payments, contracts and communications throughout. We are the extra pair of hands a bride needs when she is not on the ground and close by to her chosen venue or suppliers.  We are with them throughout the wedding day too to make sure the whole day runs smoothly. The control is never taken out with their hands, we guide each couple, they make the decisions and we implement them. 

Having been in this business for 17 years, bringing in 80% of our business from overseas, having won Top Wedding consultant twice, and having been nominated for it again in 2013, we feel we have the right approach, attitude and commitment to our business to make a bride’s planning throughout and run up as stress free as we can, and her day a day to remember for all the right reasons. We treat our bride’s like daughters so we are always aware of how it looks and feels from the other side of the fence.

2. What's the legal situation of foreigners getting married in Scotland? Do you help the couple through any hurdles?


The legal implications are dependent on which country they come from. Some have a little more to do than others but nothing too major. All documents must be written in English so those who have Birth Certificates for instance in another language must have them translated into English. We do guide them throughout and advise them of the current forms to be completed – and the registrars in most areas are extremely helpful and will communicate with each couple once they submit their paperwork. I would say it’s a relatively straight forward procedure on this side. And most importantly a Scottish marriage is legal anywhere in the world and we have no domicility laws.  we also have the best geneaology records of anywhere!

3. What are some of the more spectacular venues you would recommend for couples to get married in?  

Castle Wedding Scotland

Castle Wedding Scotland

We really have to go by their criteria in order to find that special location. Scotland is steeped in history and fantastic venues from Baronial homes, estates, castles, palaces, and each holds their own stories and history. We use so many venues all over the country and its only when we know what the client is looking for we can then lay the options infront of them to select.

**The photos accompanying this article are of some venues Litu can secure for clients.

4. Can you give some indication of your costs from a couple having a small intimate affair up to large, palatial spectacles with 150+ people.

Cost again are dependent on what the couple want to do, the location, the accessories etc. We are a bespoke service, we don’t do package weddings as such so we have to individually estimate for every wedding we do. Unfortunately it’s not like going to a car showroom and buying a car there is so much more involvement with a wedding. But we are always happy to quote for any wedding small or larger.

5. Do you cater for couples that would like to elope?

We cater for anyone, from 2 persons upwards  - and for the two who elope, we can stand as their witnesses too! 

6. If a couple was looking to have a large wedding in a private venue (ie no hotels or other people present) are there any venues you would recommend?

Yes there are lots of exclusive properties people can hire for their wedding and many weddings we do are on this basis. Budget is the main criteria before you start as most of the private castles start around £5K per day upwards, and each includes different aspects.

7. Have you worked with any Australian clients before? 

Yes, here is a reference from an Australian client who had a three day wedding spectacular: 

"All that Scotland had to offer was brought to us by Litu (The Castle, the kilts, the ceilidh band, full pipe band, Scottish dancers, the Highland games, the great Australian barbecue, the clansmen invasion, falconry, archery, flowers, table settings, catering, registrar paperwork, marriage celebrant, cake, photographer, make up, hair, nails, and much much more.......)

It was the co-ordination, scheduling, prioritisation, sheer hard work, teamwork between Litu and their service providers (all evidenced by over 1500 e-mails between Kimmie and I) that ultimately culminated in our absolute DREAM WEDDING. 

When our wedding arrived in July this year, Kimmie and George knew all of our guests (100 people) by name as they had helped each and every one of them in one way or another. The wedding was the best organised event I have ever witnessed, everyone said it and it was Litu who nailed it !!! "

Eddy & Jill, Perth.

 Kimmie can be emailed at

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 Written by Nicholas Purcell 

Destination Wedding Scotland

Destination Wedding Scotland

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