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Wedding Cakes in Sydney & Melbourne

This article is part of the  Sydney Wedding Blog

This article is part of the Sydney Wedding Blog


Interview with Faye Cahill Cake Designs in Sydney

Wedding cakes have been present at weddings for centuries. One of the more symbolic aspects of the day and one of the many measures of the couples style, choosing a wedding cake is an important aspect of many modern weddings. One of the more impressive designers of wedding cakes in Australia is Faye Cahill Cake Designs in Sydney. I spoke to Faye recently about her industry and how she helps her clients.

1. Do most people come to you with finished ideas for a cake or do they rely on you for design and style guidance?

Most clients come to us as they are attracted to my style, which makes my job very easy. Often a cake design will come together easily after asking many questions about their wedding styling and looking over the materials they bring in such as invitations, lace or colour swatches. Occasionally clients have already put a lot of work into designing their own cakes and I have to say, those cakes have usually turned our beautifully! I would only offer suggestions or alternatives if I can see a technical issue or if I don't think it will look good.


2. Whats a typical timeline in ordering a cake?

Most clients will come in between 6 and 3 months before the big day.

3. What are the current trends in wedding cakes?

There has been a big interest in Art Deco styles as well as geometrics such as chevrons. We have seen a few brides choosing to have multiple single tier cakes rather than a tiered cake which can work beautifully in a dessert bar setting and there is also an increase in couples that want a huge statement cake.

4. How many years have you been in business and where did you learn to make such beautiful creations?

My business has been running for 7 years, but I have been making cakes for over 20 years. My learning has all been on the job in Sydney's top wedding cake design studios working with the best and most talented decorators.


5. Can you give the readers an indication of costs, perhaps for the smallest cake you've made, up to the largest?

Our minimum order is $220 which would be a single tier cake, plain iced for fresh flowers or a topper to be added. Our biggest and most expensive cake was 10 tiers with very intricate work for just under $5000. An average order would be around $1000 which includes delivery and GST, however much will depend on size and detailing.

6. Where are you clients mostly from? Do you have international clients?


Most are Sydney based but we have regular orders from couples planning their weddings from interstate or overseas. The most common overseas locations are Singapore and London.

7. Can you tell us any stories about unusual cakes (complicated or just odd) that you found amusing?

Many years ago, I made a wedding cake in the shape of a dead horse- upside down, feet in the air with eyes rolled back and tongue out. The couple told me they met in the UK and used to drink a boutique beer called "dead hose draught" I think a lot of the guests thought it was cool and funny but the oldies not so much!

Faye Cahill Cade Designs 
104 Addison Road,
Marrickville, NSW 2204
Sydney, Australia

Ph: 02 9568 3165


Written by Nicholas Purcell 


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