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5 Things to Consider for Your Wedding and Engagement Ring

5 Things to Consider for Your Wedding and Engagement Ring


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5 Things to consider for Your Wedding and Engagement Ring

This post originally appeared on Adelaide jeweller Gerard McCabe's blog. Kindly republished here with permission.

Choosing the ring to partner your engagement ring is not always the easiest of choices. Do you match the look and feel? Do you need to match the metal? Would you like stones in your band? 

There are many questions that came pop up after the big question has been popped. We know there is alot to consider, after all this is the ring to carry you through to your happily ever after.... 

We have compiled our top 5 things to bear in mind when you are making your choice.

1. Like for Like

Match your metals. If you have an 18ct white gold engagement ring sit it with an 18ct white gold wedding band. Similarly, platinum engagement rings should be paired with platinum wedding bands. Why? You will be wearing these rings together, daily, for many years to come. They are going to rub and wear against each other. Putting two different metals next to each other will mean that they rub on each other much harder than two of the same metals will, as each metal has different hardness.

2. Match your diamond quality

If you are considering a diamond set wedding band, make sure you match the quality of your diamonds. In particular, you want to ensure the colour of your diamonds is a match. It will be noticeable if you have F colour diamonds in the band of your engagement ring and H colour diamonds in your wedding ring. Ensure that your jeweller uses well-cut diamonds to ensure they all have the same sparkle. Learn more about Gerard McCabe's very strict standards here.

3. Match your diamond bands

Consider how the diamonds are set in your engagement ring. Is it a claw setting? Channel setting? Or something different? Look for a wedding band with a matching or similar setting. Your bridal ring consultant should be able to present you with design options that will work. Also, consider matching the points where the diamonds finish on each band if your engagement ring has diamonds in the band. This creates a streamlined look for your bridal ring set and really makes the rings look like they are made to be together.


4. Consider the fit of the wedding band

Consider how the wedding band sits next to your engagement ring. You will want the rings to sit snugly together to ensure minimal movement. If you have a large or fancy engagement ring setting you may want to consider a shaped wedding band like in our Deluxe bridal set. 
Look at the height of your wedding band. Does it look like it will rub or wear on the engagement ring setting? If so, you may need to consider a lower style.
As above, your rings will be worn together for many years, by ensuring the best fit now, you will have fewer maintenance issues down the track.

5. Will you add an eternity ring down the track?

If you are considering adding an eternity ring to your bridal set down the track, it is helpful to look at a few options now to get a feel for what the final look will be. Some brides wear matching diamond bands as wedding and eternity rings around their engagement ring. Other women choose a plain wedding band with diamond eternity ring. Or a smaller diamond wedding band and larger eternity. It really is a personal choice and gives you the opportunity to create your own bridal set. Trying on a few eternity ring options at this point may influence your final wedding ring choice.


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