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Profile: Caleche

Profile: Caleche


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I created this blog to really help Adelaide brides who are planning their wedding. I've been been a professional photographer for 15 years. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Style Me Pretty and In 2015 Style Me Pretty interviewed me,  in 2016 Complete Wedding Magazine called me "One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers".

Profile: Caleche

For this profile I spoke to Liz Foubert, designer at Caleche, a wedding dress designer based in Norwood, Adelaide.

NP: Where did you learn to make such beautiful creations?

LF: I studied in England and worked in the fashion industry in central London, designing ladies high fashion. I then moved to France, where I began working under the direction of Colette Foubert and specialised in bridal gowns.   

NP: Can you explain the collections you offer Adelaide brides?

LF: Calèche offers Adelaide brides a unique range of collections. We specialise in simple modern gowns to detailed couture dresses, and have recently launched a special sustainable collection called ‘Natural Beauty’.  We try to offer a range that caters for all Adelaide brides and we’ve ensured this by offering the service of working with our brides to produce custom made gowns, as well as those available in our collections.

NP: What’s a typical timeline in ordering a gown?

LF: Typically, a gown is ordered 8 to 12 months prior to the wedding. For the bride that likes to be organised early, ordering the gown usually happens a year in advance. However, it is common for brides to order a little closer to the wedding, so 8 months is very standard.

NP: What makes Calèche a good choice for brides looking for their wedding dress?

LF: We cater for both the modern bride, to the classic princess bride. We like to focus on the brides’ personal style, and ultimately work towards a tailor-made wedding dress that represents their individuality. This is achieved by inviting the bride to contribute in how their dress is fitted and finished. We offer this exclusive involvement service to our Adelaide brides, as the gowns are handmade by our team in our studio here in Adelaide. Our aim is really for every bride to feel like they were part of the production process, by witnessing their gown transform at each fitting.

NP: Can you give the readers an indication of costs, perhaps for the simplest gown you've made, up to the most intricate?

The satin trumpet shape gown is our simplest design, starting from $2,300. Some brides desire simplicity in their dresses, drawing attention to the tailor-made fit and shaping details of our gowns. The Calèche Couture range really challenged our finishing team, as their talented hands worked on the details of the gowns, starting from $5,000.

NP: What else do brides need to know about ordering a dress?

LF: At Calèche, our approach when creating gowns is very hands-on; all the fitting consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in the construction of the gowns, so are able to provide our brides with suitable advice on achieving their desired look and fit.

Our process begins when the bride places an order for one of our gowns - that’s usually when the fun begins! We then order the detailed fabrics and laces, ensuring we have everything ready for the making of the gown.

The Calèche bride usually re-visits the showroom six months before their wedding, and so begins the first step of the making process! We take and use their measurements to cut out the wedding gown, ready for their first fitting.

At this first fitting, we pin and fit the basic gown to the bride’s shape, and discuss fit and design details. At the second fitting, the gown is structurally complete, with lace and linings included.  It’s at this fitting where we discuss the final finishing details, and begin to look at veils and jewellery to compliment and suit the gown. At the third fitting, the dress is and its hem and finer details are finished, although, we usually leave the fitting of the zip to just before the event, to allow for any shape fluctuations. The gown is then finished and pressed, ready to pick up when the bride wishes – usually the week of the big day. 

Caleche gowns. Photo by Nicholas Purcell Studio

Caleche gowns. Photo by Nicholas Purcell Studio

Boutique Details


Website: Caleche

Telephone: (08) 8362 0277

Address:  43 Chapel St, Norwood SA 5067


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