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Riva St Kilda wedding: Melbourne: Victoria

Riva St Kilda wedding: Melbourne: Victoria

Wedding: Riva St Kilda: Melbourne | Carmel & Doug

While taking photos after the wedding ceremony at Riva St Kilda, I noticed raw-food chefs Carmel and Doug were looking a bit concerned. I put the camera down and they turned to me and confessed they hadn’t prepared a wedding dance. I was secretly worried but more surprised because everything else on the day had been so well organized. I offered some thoughts about songs they could easily waltz to. They nodded but then Doug confessed, “We did have one idea a week ago.” They seemed to be looking at me for approval, or at least to see my reaction. “The song from the dancing scene of Pulp Fiction.” I knew that would only work if they were great – really great – dancers so I bought time by asking them to show me what they meant. I was preparing a list of nice ways to suggest they stick with a waltz. But there, on a jetty beside yachts, surrounded by seagulls and tourists they rocked it out to an inaudible movie soundtrack. And they absolutely nailed it. My assistant and I were cheering and clapping, laughing and immensely relieved to witness two great – two really great – dancers.

Few weddings are such an extraordinary gift as Carmel & Doug’s. Blue skies, blue sea, blue shoes; a twinkling yacht club; sophisticated details; and an immensely stylish and beautiful couple. They were relaxed and hilarious, excellent dancers and most clearly, soul mates.

Wedding: Lake Como, Italy: Federica & Stefano

Wedding: Lake Como, Italy: Federica & Stefano

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