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The 100 Best Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

The 100 Best Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

The Best Wedding Photography in Melbourne - 2018

Wedding photography is hugely personal choice and saying who is the best wedding photographer is impossible, but luckily Melbourne has a large number of wedding photographers to choose from. There is a photographer for every style of bride and every budget of wedding. If you want to know how to choose the perfect wedding photographer, then read How to Choose a Melbourne Wedding Photographer.

Please beware, this is a personal list of those wedding photographers I consider the 100 Best - it's not scientific nor could it be. Please do your own research before hiring anyone on this list. But I hope it narrows the choice for you and makes things easier when you are choosing a professional photographer for your wedding in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria. 

I'm a wedding photographer but to be fair I have NOT included myself on this list - so this is really the shortlist I would use if I was getting married myself in Melbourne, you may also want to consider me for your wedding photography needs.

I'm currently working on a Top 20 Wedding Photographers in Melbourne list so come back soon to check that out.

Now, on to the list...

  1. Adrian Tuazon

  2. Ali Bailey

  3. Alli Oughtred Weddings

  4. Aparat

  5. Aviana Arden

  6. Bek Smith

  7. Ben Swinnerton

  8. Blumenthal Photography

  9. Bonavita Photography

  10. Brown Paper Parcel

  11. Cam Grove

  12. Caroline Sada

  13. Christian Marc

  14. Circular Ink

  15. Clarte Photo

  16. Clever Deer

  17. Corey Wright

  18. Daniel Brannan

  19. Daniel Milligan Photography

  20. Darin Collison Photography

  21. Dean Raphael

  22. Dean Snushall Photography

  23. Dezine by Mauro

  24. Dream Life Australia

  25. Duuet

  26. Ed Jones

  27. Elk and Willow

  28. Ellen Itoumpas

  29. Emma Wise Photography

  30. Epic Photography

  31. Eric Ronald

  32. Erin and Tara

  33. Fabio Oliveira

  34. Field of Vision

  35. Fifteen Photography

  36. Foto JoJo

  37. Free The Bird

  38. Glass Slipper

  39. Goldsmith & Co

  40. Graham Murray

  41. Guy Evans

  42. Honey Wedding Co

  43. I got You Babe

  44. Immerse Photography

  45. James Looker

  46. James Simmons

  47. Jason Vander Meer

  48. Jerome Cole

  49. Jessica Abby Photography

  50. Jonathan Ong

  51. Joseph Koprek

  52. Justin Hill Photographer

  53. Katie Harmsworth

  54. Lahza

  55. Lakshal Perera

  56. Larry Lawson

  57. Lensure

  58. Leo Farrell

  59. Lion Heart

  60. Little Black Birdy

  61. Live Love Laugh

  62. LJM Photography

  63. Lost In Love

  64. Love Is Sweet

  65. Love Journal

  66. Lucy Spartalis

  67. Luke Going

  68. Luma

  69. Madeline Chiller

  70. Madeline Kate

  71. Maria Luise Bauer

  72. Marnie Hawson

  73. Matt Elliott

  74. Michael Briggs

  75. Michael Gray

  76. Milk Photography

  77. Neiyo

  78. Nicholas Joel

  79. Nick Ghionis

  80. Oli Sansom

  81. OY Photography

  82. Passion 8

  83. Perla Photography

  84. Photos by Harvard

  85. Pierre Curry

  86. Qlix Photography

  87. Ryan Noreiks

  88. Sheehan Studios

  89. Sigrid Petersen

  90. Stewart Leishman

  91. Studio 477

  92. The Bank Studio

  93. The Day I Say

  94. The Simple Things Studio

  95. Twenty One Photos

  96. Warren Photography

  97. Wedding Snapper

  98. White Vine

  99. Will Chao Photography

  100. X Sight

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How to choose a Melbourne Wedding Photographer