Rene from The Vintage Bride in Adelaide

Rene from The Vintage Bride in Adelaide

In Scotland, there is a wedding stone overlooking a typical highland scene of mountains and valley. It is worn down in two spots because couples have stood on it, to get married, since the 11th century. It's easy to forget, particularly when we get lost in a sea of detail, that our wedding is just one in a long chain. Our parents got married, and their parents, and back and back. I think that's why vintage wedding dresses appeal to me so much - they are a reminder that marriage is an important human tradition that means something more than just mason jars and rockstar photographers.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Rene Mussared who runs The Vintage Bride Boutique, in Adelaide. Rene took over the business a few months ago after several years of experience in the vintage scene and has grown the collection from a handful of dresses to hundreds. Sourced from around the world, the oldest dress is from the 1920s and all the gowns are over a quarter century old.

There is a huge variety of sizes and styles and Rene is working on supplying bridesmaids dresses too, an important consideration for any bride that wants a vintage wedding. Rene is friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about advising clients on what would suit them. And don't miss the beautiful accessories (shoes, hats, tiaras). Dress prices range from $300-$1000.

Highly recommended. 

Written by Nicholas Purcell