Best places to buy an Engagement Ring in Adelaide

Here's a list of 20 places to buy an engagement ring in Adelaide. Other than these retailers you could try online retailers or small jewellers who may be able to custom make you a ring. 

Why is a wedding photographer in Adelaide making this list? I like to do things that help my clients!

So, in absolutely no particular order (and I'm not endorsing any of these retailers)... 

  1. Gerard McCabe 
  2. GW Cox
  3. Pure Envy 
  4. Aurum Jewels 
  5. Andrew Mazzone Design Jeweller
  6. Angus and Coote 
  7. Joulz 
  8. Simon Alexander 
  9. James Thredgold 
  10. Everett Brookes 
  11. Utopian Creations 
  12. Wishart Jewellers 
  13. 1791 Diamonds 
  14. Archer and Holland 
  15. Saunder's Jewellers 
  16. Graham's Jewellers 
  17. Classa 
  18. Michael Hill 
  19. Direct Diamond Sales Co. 
  20.  Bell and Brunt 

PS. One jewel of a shop (ahem) that doesn't have an internet presence is Sunshine Jewellery in Magill. The owner used to repair jewellery at the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg in Russia and he does some beautiful work. They are at 587 Mcgill Rd and their number is (08) 8332 9885  

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by Nicholas Purcell