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21 Best places to buy Engagement rings & diamond rings in Sydney

21 Best places to buy Engagement rings & diamond rings in Sydney

The best places in Sydney to buy diamond and  engagement rings

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Here's my list of the Top 21 retail stores where you can buy an engagement ring or diamond ring in Sydney. Other than these retailers you could try online retailers or small jewellers who may be able to make you a custom engagement ring. 

If you're looking for a wedding venue in Sydney be sure to check this post out: 100 Best Wedding Venues in Sydney 2018. Why is a wedding photographer making this list? I like to do things that help my clients.

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The best stores for diamond engagement rings in Sydney

  1. Affinity Diamonds

  2. Anania

  3. Armans Fine Jewellery. Read a profile of Armans Fine Jewellery here.

  4. Asimi

  5. Natalie Barney

  6. Bulgari

  7. Canturi

  8. Cerrone

  9. Fairfax & Roberts

  10. Hardy Bros.

  11. Hearts on Fire

  12. Bill Hicks

  13. Larsen Jewellery

  14. Levendi

  15. Jan Logan

  16. Peter Michaelson

  17. MoiMoi

  18. Raffini

  19. Lawrence Sanders

  20. Tiffany & Co

  21. Jason Withers

Most people won't buy a second hand ring so I haven't included Anne Schofield's Antiques store in this list, though it's a shame, there are some truly stunning pieces of art there.


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 This article is part of the  Sydney Wedding Blog

This article is part of the Sydney Wedding Blog

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