How did you get into weddings?

I've been a commercial photographer for years photographing famous authors and musicians for publicity and portraits. Some of my work is on

A friend asked me to photograph his wedding and after that, I was hooked.

Where in the world have you lived?

Ireland (born in Dublin), Jersey (a little island between France and England), Denmark, and wonderful Australia (Melbourne mostly). I used to speak Danish but have forgotten it unfortunately.


Where are you based?

Adelaide, Australia but often on the road.

Do you travel?

Yes, my passports are well worn. I've recently shot weddings and editorials in Canada, Iceland, France, England. I'm in Melbourne next week. I was in Italy in September and I'm back there next year. You get the idea.

We wish we could meet with you, but we don’t live in Adelaide. What's the solution?

I meet the majority of my international and interstate clients for the first time on their wedding day! Skype is wonderful and I'm also happy to jump on the phone and chat with one or both of you. I can also answer most things by email.

How do we arrange your travel?

I book my own airfare, hotel and transportation, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Basics

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Yes if you want them. Some people don't and that's fine too.

How many images we we get?

No minimum or maximum but I've never given less than 300 images or more than 1000 (and that was a four day wedding).

How long does it take to receive the photos?

It actually takes a long time to edit your images. It's painstaking and I am a perfectionist so I make sure it is done well. I aim to get them to you within 6 weeks. 

Do we get full resolution images? What about RAW files?

Full resolution definitely, you paid for photos so I believe you should get them. RAW files are another matter though. I don't give RAW files out because these are not edited.

Do you offer albums?

Yes. Contact me.

We're not comfortable in front of the camera?

To paraphrase the classic movie line: I have ways of making you comfortable. Let me refer you to some testimonials by former clients: "For two individuals who do not typically like being in the spotlight or having numbers of pictures taken, my husband and I were both a little nervous about that aspect of the day. Nicholas’ calm and discrete presence allowed us to be 100% comfortable during the process." (Ellie & Josh) or "He was an absolute pleasure to work with as I felt comfortable in front of the camera" (Paloma & Deke).

Do you scout for locations before the wedding?

I rarely do this for a few reasons, the spontaneity evaporates which effects the photos, the light and conditions are rarely the same when you actually go to take the photo, and mostly I like the pressure of shooting unrehearsed. The photos are better. Having said that if not familiar with a venue I'll often go for a walk around it a few days before just to understand it and how the light is. 

What are your prices?

Contact me and we can discuss this.

How can we book you?

I work on a first come, first served basis. To reserve your date I need a retainer paid and a signed agreement which I will supply after we have discussed your day.


What do you shoot with?

Nikon D4 and Df. For lenses I only use primes, 35mm and 85mm. I like to travel light.

Do you bring backup equipment?