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 Historic Barns of Nipmoose Wedding: New York: USA

Historic Barns of Nipmoose Wedding: New York: USA

Historic Barns of Nipmoose Wedding: New York: USA

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Tell us about your venue. How long have you been holding weddings and how many weddings do you hold per year?  

We are a rustic chic wedding which has been holding weddings since 2012. We average between 8 and 12 weddings during our wedding season (mid-May to mid-October). The number of weddings we host is limited to one per weekend so that our staff and wedding couples have ample time to focus on preparations and decorations.

Why should a couple consider your venue over other venues? 

Our venue is unique in that we offer three fully restored historic barns positioned closely together (the German Barn, Scottish Barn and Corn Crib). Farmland vistas of outstanding beauty surround the barns, gardens and pond, which are contained within an expansive courtyard area. Included as well are three charming bathrooms (one of which is handicap accessible), a spacious dressing room, and a Workshop Barn for caterers.

What’s the first thing couples usually ask when they come and see you?

“How do you maintain such a gorgeous, enormous expanse of land with so many barns in such pristine condition? And what’s the best use of the three barns?”

We take great pride in the care of our buildings and grounds. The historic barns have been meticulously restored. The courtyard area of several acres, the gardens and pond are all maintained diligently by our staff. The surrounding several hundred acres is farmed by a local farm family. Couples can choose how they want to use the barns, but most frequently, the German Barn can serve initially as the reception and bar site, and later in the evening, as the dance hall. Dinner can be held in the Scottish Barn, while the little Corn Crib can be used for memorabilia, gifts, seating cards or coffee and desserts.

What size functions can you hold/host? 

The maximum number of guests permitted is 250 guests.

The largest of our three barns (the Scottish Barn) can accommodate a seated dinner for 180 guests.  With larger events (maximum 250 guests), a tent would be required.  A tent would need to be rented from a vendor. But we do provide a designated site for tents that is serviced with electricity.

Can couples bring in their own caterer? What about alcohol? 

We provide a list of recommended caterers, but couples are welcome to choose caterers that are not on our list. Caterers must have a liquor license, if alcohol is served.  

Can the ceremony be held at your venue? 

Most of our couples do hold their ceremonies at Nipmoose. The most popular location is by a grove of aspen, but some couples choose the magnificent 12 foot high stone wall behind the German barn.

Are the couple free to decorate as they like? 

We encourage couples to decorate and provide them with an array of antique furniture and props for decoration.

If your venue is outdoors is there a backup space in case of rain? 

The advantage of having the two large barns included in a single event is that all aspects of a wedding (including the ceremony) can be held inside regardless of rain.

Could you give our readers some indication of the range of prices for hiring your venue? 

The pricing is based on the number of hours (minimum five) of an event and the number of guests. The Nipmoose barns are owned by The Persistence Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to land conservation and agricultural heritage. Income from events supports these goals. The price range is generally from $9,000 to $13,000. The rental of the barns and grounds is NOT subject to sales tax.

How early do couples need to book you? 

We are a seasonal venue open from mid-May to mid-October. Fall weddings are the most popular, so they should be booked well in advance. But we generally have open dates for other times of the year.

What time at night can weddings stay at your venue? 

11    PM.

Do you offer accommodation options? 

We do not provide accommodations on-site. Because we are a rural venue, the closest lodging for a wedding party is over 30 minutes away. Our couples generally hire busses to bring their guests to and from Nipmoose. We provide a list of lodging available in nearby towns (for example, Saratoga Springs, NY and Bennington, VT)

What other (if any) wedding services do you offer? 

Included in our rental fee are the following:

Five hours of Set-Up time prior to the event; three staff members; a large parking area; installation of 100 lanterns hanging from shepherds hooks (for night time charm and visibility)

How can people get in contact with you?

Call our Events Manager at: 518-944-4414 or email us at:

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Website: Historic Barns of Nipmoose 

Telephone: 518-944-4414

Address: 59 Sherman Lane, Buskirk, NY 12028

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