"One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers", Nicholas splits his time between Australia and Paris. His photos have appeared in Harpers Bazaar, the New York Times and

Nicholas is the publisher of the School of Wedding Photography, a popular blog teaching wedding photographers around the world.

The Crazy list of 461 Wedding Photographers in New York City

The Crazy list of 461 Wedding Photographers in New York City

The Crazy list of 461 Wedding Photographers in New York City

New York Wedding Blog: Wedding Photographers

For many years now I've published a hugely popular blog post called the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the World

It made Google News in 2016.

I do a lot of research for those posts, looking through instagram (@nicholaspurcellstudio), websites and recommendations. 

Obviously only 100 worldwide make that final list but there are a lot of other photographers to consider too. I've decided to share some of my local New York research with you.

If you are hiring a wedding photographer in New York City, without a doubt they will be on this list.

If you are a wedding photographer in NYC feel free to comment here and say hello.

I am in the process of creating a Top 100 Wedding Photographers in New York City list, so stay tuned!! 

461 Wedding Photographers in NYC

2 in 1 Studios

5 West Studios

5th Avenue Digital

A Couple of Cameras

A Day Of Bliss Wedding Photography

A Lotus Photographer

A Photojournalist's Eye - Jang Photographers

Aaron Almendral Photographer

Aaron Deleise

Abraham Nowitz Photography

Adam & Sam Photography

Agaton Strom Photographer

Albert Cheung Photography

Alejandra Arenas Photography

Alex Morel Weddings

Alex Z Photography

Alexandra Meseke Photography

Alice in Weddingland

Always On Point Images

Amanda Dumouchelle Photography


Amplified Stories

Amy Anaiz Photography

Andre Maier Photography

Andrea Fischman Photography

Andrea Rodriguez Photography

Andrew Guriew Photography

Andrew Kaftan Photography

Angelica Glass photography

Ann Billingsley Photography

Anna Rozenblat Photography

Arnold Adler Photography

Arshin Nef Creative Studio

ASH FOX Photography

Ashley Middleton Photography


Belathee Photography

Bella Pictures

Beloved Photos

Benchwerk Photography

Beth Caron

Big Cake Photography

Bill X Photo

BJ Enright Photography

Blue Daisy Photography

Blue Photography

Bradley Lau Photography

Brandi Nicole Photography

Branham Perceptions Photography

Brax Pix Photography

Brennan Cavanaugh Photography

Brian Dorsey Studios

Brian Offidani Photography

Brian R Kenny Photography

Brooke and Sam Photography

Bryan Sargent Photography

Bryce Covey Photography

Caitlin Cannon Photography

Canvas New York Photography

Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

Captured Moments Video and Photography

Carla Licavoli Photography

Carlos Alayo Photography

Carmen Rubio Photography

Carole Cohen Photography

Caroline Petters Photography

Catherine Coons Photography

Catherine Leonard Photography

Charlie Juliet

Cheryl Fleming Photography

Christian Oth Studio

Christina Szczupak

Christopher Duggan Photography

Cindy Johnson Photography

City Hall Wedding Photographer

Clare Mullins Photography

Claudia McDade Photography

Click Wedding Storytellers

Clin d'Oeil Photography

CLM Visuals

Cly by Matthew

Cody Raisig Photography

Colby Blount Weddings

Colleen Putman Photography

Columbia Photo Studio

Cosmos Photo Studio

Cottonwood Studios

Craig Warga

Cynthia Chung Weddings

Da Ping Luo Photography

Dan Loh Photography

Dan Wagner Photography

Daniel Eskue Photography

Danny Weiss Photography

Dave Cross Photography

Dave Robbins Photography

David Vaughan Photography

David Willems Photography

Dawn Giarrizzo Photography

Derrick Johnson Photography

Diana Davis Creative

Digital Photo Networks

Divine Light Photography


Donum Studio LLC.

Doug Peterson Photography LLC

Dowd Photography

Dreamlife Wedding Photo & Video

E. H. Wallop Photography

E. Leigh Photography

East Olivia Creative

Edwin Ochoa Photography

Eivan's Nationwide Photo & Video

Elena's Photography

Elevate Pictures

Elizabeth Lloyd Photography

Ellin Pollacheck Fine Arts

Emilio M.K. Visual Media

Entwined Studio

Eric Vitale Photography

Erica Berger Wedding Photograher

ESP Camera

Esvy Photography & Films

Eugene Gologursky Photography

Eva Dahl Photography

Everly Studios

Fadi Kheir Photography

Fantasia Studios

Farnaz K Studio

Faymus Media

Fine Art Fotos

Forever Photography

Forged in the North

Fotoblossoms Photography

Fred Marcus Studio

Fresh Works

Funico Studios

Gabriela Bhaskar Photographer

Ganthier Studios

Gen Nishino Photographer

GILSTYLE photography

GKNY Photo

Glyph Creative Studio

Greene Weddings

Gruber Photographers

Gulnara Studio

Guy Heart Studio Photography and Videography

Harley Hall Photography

Heather East Photography

Heather's Photography

Hechler Photographers

Heinrich Photography

Ian Carlos De La Cruz Photography

Ieva Sireikyte Photography

Ignacio Photography

Ilene Squires Photography

IM Photo Studio

Image Singuliere

Images by Berit, Inc.

Infinity Photography

Inner Lite Photography

Ira Fox Photography

Ira Lippke Studios

IVASH studio

J. Ryan Ulsh Photography

J.O. Photography

Jackson Carvalho Photography

Jade Orchid Studio

Jagged Edge Arts

James Anderson Photography

Jami Saunders Photography

Jamie Levine Photography

Jamie Rae Photography

Jamie Watts Photographs

Janet Hicks Photography

Janusz Kawa Photography

Jasmin TM - Photography & Design

Jason Groupp Photography

Jason Walz Wedding Photography

Jay Seth Photography

Jayd Jackson Photography

Jean Pierre Uys

Jeffrey Mosier Weddings

Jen Huang Photography

Jen Lynne Photography

Jennifer Davis Photography

Jenny Anderson Photography

Jenny Futography Wedding Photographer NYC

Jerrit Pruyn Photography

Jessica Lavoie Photography

Jessica Schmitt Photography

Jim Lee Vision

Jimmy Chu Photography

Jimmy Ryan Photography

Jiyang Chen Photography

Joanna Garcia Photo

Joel Greenberg & Wendy Stewart Photography

John Curry Studio

John Dolan

John Saponara Photography

John Warren Wright Studios

John-Paul Teutonico Photography

Jolie Photography

Jona Images

Jordan Van Aken Photography

Jörg Windau Photography

Joseph Lin Photography

Joseph Michael Lopez

Joseph Suh Studio

Josh Goleman Photographer & Cinematographer

Josh Sailor Photography

Josh Wong Photography

Joshua Freiwald Photographer

Joshua Kristal


Judah Avenue Photography New York

Judith Rae Photography

Judy Pak Photography

Julian Ribinik Photography

Julie Brown Photography

Julie Saad Photography

Julie Skarratt Photography Inc

Jumped The Broom

Justin McCallum Photography

JW Anderson

K. Bonura Photography

Kait Winston Photography

Karen Hill Photography

Karen Seifert Photography

Karen Wise Photography

Karen Zieff Photography

Karlie Louise Photography

Kate Davis Photography

Kate Edwards Weddings

Kate Ignatowski

Kate Triano Photography

Kathi Littwin Photography

Katie Jane Photography

Katie Markquart Photography

Keith MacDonald Photography

Kelly Kollar Photography

Kelsey Combe Photography!/HOME

Kenneth Ho Photography

Kenson Noel Photography

Keri Tan Photography

Kilalio Photography

Kist Weddings and Events

Konrad Kolen Photography

Kristen Somody Photography

Kseniya Photography

L2 Photography & Video

Lagras Photography

Larisa Shorina Photography

Lasting Memories Photography

Laura Huertas Photography

Lauren Marie Marsh Photography

Lauren Slusher Photography

Laurie Rhodes Photography

Le Image

LeVue Photography

LH Photography

Life Steps Photo

Lily Kesselman Photography, LLC

Limelight-Images Photography

Lina Jang Photography

Lindsay Madden Photography

Londin Photography

Love in Theory Photography

Lovly Studio

Lydia Maclear Photography

Mackler Studios

Made On Film by Roman Francisco

Maggie Harkov Photography

Maggie Marguerite Studio

Maria Hunter Photography

Mark Anthony Chen Photography

Matt Agan Photography

Matthew Gambino Photography

Matthew Marchese Photography

Matthew Sowa Photography

McKenzie Pictures

Megan Greenlee Photography

Melanie Wesslock Photography

Memories R Forever

Merri Cyr Photography

Michael Priest Photography

Michael Simonitsch Photography

Michael Yeshion Photography

Michaelangelo Photography

Michelle Kawka

Mimi P Studios by Amy Maisel

Mirrors Media Photography & Videography

Moss + Isaac

Most Beautiful Day Wedding Photography


MP Photography

Munroe Photography

My Big Dream Wedding

My Photo Pros

My Wedding Day Photographer

Nancy Marchetta Photography

Natural Expressions Ny

Neuber Photo

New Heights Photography

New York Dream Weddings

Nithya Sharma Photography

NJohnston Photography

NY Portraits

NY Wedding Photos by Deutsch Photography

NylaGray Photography

Olaton Art Studio

Olivia Caine Photography

Olli Studio NYC Wedding Photography & Cinematography

Omar Lopez Photography Studios

One Little Wedding Group

Orange Blossom Photography

Otero+Seclan Photography

Paris Wedding Center

Pat Lee Photography

Patricia Burmicky Photography

Patricia Kantzos Photography

Paul Bernstein Photography

Pauline St. Dennis Photography

Pennace Photography

Pete Labrozzi Photography

Peter Doyle Photography

Peter Forman Photography

PFA Photo

Philippe Cheng

Phillippe Dollo

Phillipvn Photography

Photo & Me Photography

Photography by Frank Manning

Photography by Rutilio Gonzalez

Photography Elite NYC Inc Pako Dominguez

Pierre Lidar Photography

Pinilla Studios

Presta Imagery

Priya Patel Photography

Priyanca Rao Photography

Project 8 Media

PSPi Artistic Wedding Photography & Cinematic Video

Punam Bean Photographer

Pure Platinum Photography & Videography

Rachael Elana Photography

Radhika Photography

Regina Fleming Photography

Rentsch Photography

Richard Jopson Photography

Rob Allen Photography

Rob White Photography

Robert Carlo | New York

Robert DiScalfani

Roberto Falck Photography

Roey Yohai Photography

Rohanna Mertens Photography

Rojita Abujam Photography

Ron B. Wilson Photography, Inc.

Ron Holtz Photography

Roseann Wang Photography

Sajor Photography

Salvatore Corso Photography

Sam Nichols Photography

Sara Wight Photography

Sarah Merians Photography & Video Company

Sarma & Co. Photography

Scott T. Photography

Scott Whittle Photography

Sean Christopher Weddings

Sean Gallery Photography

Senn Studios

Shall We Photography

Shana Schnur Photography

Shani Hadjian Photography

Sharon Bushman Photography

Sharon Schuster Photography

Shelby Phillips Photography

Shira Weinberger Photography

Shooting Stars Weddings

Silk Studio Weddings

Sisabelle Photography

Smitten Chickens

Snap Avenue Photography

Snapertures by Tommy C.

Something Blue Photography

Something In Blue

Sottu Photography

STAK Photographer Duo

Stefania Marin Photography

StelaChic Photography

Steph Ziemann Photography

Stephanie Naru Photography

Stephanie Sunderland Photography

Steve Worth Photography

Steven Rosen Photography

Studio JLK Weddings

Studio Saldana

Studio Webber

Stylish and Hip Weddings

Suzanne Sutcliffe Photography

Sweet Memory Albums

SX Studios

Tae Photography

Tanya Malott Photographer

Tara Sharma Photography

Tate Tullier Photography

Tatiana Valerie, ArtVesta Studio

Taylor Lear Photo

Tea for Two Photography

Terence Chu Photographer


The Adrianne Photo

The Brenizers

The Hons Photo + Video

The Lindner Studio

The Portos

Thompson Photography Group

Three Photographers

Three Star Photographers

Tiffany Hagler-Geard

Tim Ryan Smith Photography

ting photography & design

Todd France Photography

Tory Williams Photography

Treasure the Moments Photography

Trent Bailey Photography

TRYNH Photography- New York

Two15 Photography

Ulrich Studios

Unique Lapin Photography

Up Studios

Vibrant Captures

Victor Chu Photography

Vivian's Muse

Vladimir Weinstein

Voeu Image Wedding Photography and Films

W Studios New York

WarmUpLab Studio

We Click Photography

Wedding Photographers New York

Weddings By Chris Leary Photography

Weddings by Constance & Eric

Weddings by Minnow Park

Weddings by Two

White Quail Studios

Will Salomon Visuals

William West Studio

Windau Photography

Windcatcher Photography

Windflower Photography

Windsor Photography NYC

Wrinkle in Time Photography

Yifat Photography

Yun Cee Ng

Zach Nelson - Photojournalist

Zafirah Photography

Zia O'Hara Photography

Zieff Photography

ZR Photo

    About Nicholas

    nicholas purcell studio

    "One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers". I've been been a professional wedding photographer for 15 years. My work has appeared in Harpers Bazaar UK, the New York Times, Style Me Pretty and In 2015 Style Me Pretty interviewed me, in 2016 Complete Wedding Magazine called me "One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers".


    The Bordone LIC Wedding: New York: USA

    The Bordone LIC Wedding: New York: USA

    OHEKA Castle Wedding: New York: USA

    OHEKA Castle Wedding: New York: USA