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6 Wedding Color and Style Mistakes Not to Make

6 Wedding Color and Style Mistakes Not to Make

6 Wedding Color and Style Mistakes Not to Make

Can you hear the wedding bells already? Before you can walk down the aisle, planning the

details of your big day can take too much time and energy. You have to contact different people,

coordinate with vendors, and choose the look that speaks for the whole celebration. Sounds like

a big responsibility fit into a tight schedule.

It doesn’t have to be mentally and physically stressful as it may sound. There are things you can

do to make everything go smoothly, from the start of planning to choosing the perfect wedding

decorations to the moment you ride away to your honeymoon.

For starters, you can try to check these common color and style mistakes and avoid them at all

cost. Make some adjustments, and take note of the simple solutions laid out for you too.

Ignoring the Venue Palette

Couples tend to forget the coordination of the reception area and other details when picking the

color palette. Now, if you can’t control the colors of a space, then let it be a major inspiration to

your wedding color scheme.

Try to choose a color combination around the hues present in the reception hall. Or you can find

areas that lack a variety of color, so you have room to play around.

Forgetting to Order the Samples

What can be a vibrant pastel tone for you may be totally different to your florist. Keep in mind

that colors are subjective—they vary according to experience and visual perception.

To avoid clashing with the florist’s ideas, you can ask them to include a sample bouquet and

centerpiece in the quote. This helps ensure that you’re in agreement with all the details when it

comes to flower color and style. You don’t want surprises to bloom on your big day, right?

Putting Off Your Decision for “Later”

Every detail in your wedding needs time and consideration. This includes the selection of your

wedding color especially if you’re thinking of a special palette. The hue will set the color tone of

the whole celebration, and it will guide you in making other decisions that require visual


Therefore, you have to make sure that choosing it is one of the top priorities in your ultimate

wedding to-do list. Set a deadline so you can track and speed up your progress, if there’s a

need to.

Saying Goodbye to Contrast

Try to avoid the monochrome look that makes the venue uninteresting and flat. You don’t want

the same style and color from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the table linen to the giveaways, do


Just remember to add a little contrast wherever appropriate. A varying depth of hue, style,

texture can do so much in adding zing to your invites, entourage attire, and table decors.

Using Too Many Colors or Design Details

It’s okay to want to be festive, but using ten different colors or design elements in one detail can

be an overkill. It can look chaotic and disorganized if not done right.

For instance, bridesmaids’ dresses should have one unifying feature rather than be totally

unique from each other. They may have different sleeve designs, but they should have a similar

bodice cut or dress length.

As for the color combination, you can select two to four colors to mix and match for your

wedding decors. Then just add contrast for more variation.

Choosing Trendy Stuff Because It’s the New Thing

Pinterest and Instagram can be the death of your wedding details. There are a lot of ideas to

play around with when it comes to wedding styles and color in these portals. But it doesn’t mean

they perfectly fit with the theme you have in mind.

Yes, they are the trend right now; however, you must also take note that not all fabric colors can

be flattering on your bridesmaid or the look of your reception area. Not all decor styles work as a

stunning table decor just like how they did in other couples’ weddings.

The way you choose color and style for your bridesmaids to the things you use in the reception

venue should be based on what you want, not because it’s a fad that people are raving about

right now. It’s your wedding, and as long as you think this color or style will make you both

happy, then go for it even if it’s not the choice of the season.

Final Thoughts

Yes, there is a lot to think when you talk about weddings. But not to worry, now that you have

these in mind, it’s time to take action. As you brainstorm for the perfect color combination or

style, make sure to avoid these common mistakes. And don’t let anything hinder your path to a

happy ever after.

Most importantly, you don’t have to feel the pressure of throwing the perfect wedding. People

usually commit these mistakes because they are too concerned about throwing the best

wedding of the season.

So relax and have fun while you’re picking the right tone for the flowers or the style of the table

linen. It’s your wedding, after all; you and your partner’s happiness is the most important thing.

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