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7 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Wedding Invitations

7 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Wedding Invitations

7 Things You Should Know Before Making Your Wedding Invitations

Proper wedding planning plays a big role in making the wedding a success. And while you can

get lost in the enormity of preparations, there is something you should never overlook—the

wedding invitations. This is your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding so it should definitely set

the tone and set their expectations.

Getting started on creating your wedding invitation can be a bit nerve-wracking. You’d want it to

make it shine. But with all the details to consider, it’s not surprising if you won’t know where to

begin. What are the important things you need to know before you roll up your sleeves and

proceed with the exciting process of making your wedding invitations?

Define Your Wedding Theme

A lot of things lie in the style of your wedding. Is it going to be formal, elegant and classic,

casual and relaxed or modern and glam? It is important for you to define it properly before you

go shopping for your invitation materials.

The type of stationery you will use, the design, font and envelope depends on your wedding

theme. After all, the invitation will be your guests’ initial glimpse into your most awaited day. You

might as well give them ideas on what to expect.

Finalize Your Guest List

It may sound easy but choosing who you will invite to your wedding can give any couple

headaches. You have to consider carefully who you want to be present while making sure you

are not offending sensitive souls who won’t make the cut. If you are on a budget, it is better to

keep things simple and just invite your most intimate relations and friends.

Set the Budget

As always, the budget must be considered before you start any buying and creating. Set the

limit and work your way around it. Are you going all out or will it be a simple effort? Knowing this

will guide you along the way and help you skirt the issue of over-spending later on.

Play with Colours

Colour is everything. It can communicate your theme more effectively and set the tone right for

your wedding. If you have a motif already, it is a good idea to incorporate it into the invitations.

The most classic hues always go along cream, ivory, or white paired with a gold font but there is

nothing holding you back from injecting a little more creativity. Choose yours wisely. You can

brighten up your wedding invitations with colourful paper stock, envelopes, and liners or you can

also play with font colors. The important thing is that you know what colors to use before you

gather your materials.

Have Fun with Shape and Size

Most wedding invitations follow the 4.5-inch-by-6.25-inch rectangular card. However, just like

the colors, you can always play with the shape and sizes of your invites. Many couples now

follow the trend of playful or modern vibes where invitations take the circular, scalloped, or

squared shapes. Find something that will work around your theme without compromising your

budget. Consider a wedding card with uncommon flaps and folds to give your invite a more

visual appeal than a regular one.

Proper Wording

What you put on your wedding invitation is immensely important. Find out more about the

wording rules such as putting whoever is hosting first on the invitation. Everything must be

spelled out as well, especially the time and place of the ceremony. You should also consider the

tone of your invitation wording, depending on your wedding style. Usually, they are formal but if

you want to forgo tradition, you can always opt for a casual verbiage. Be clear on your message

and make sure to require your guests to respond.

Choosing the Paper and the Font

Choosing the right font is extremely necessary as it can affect the readability of your invitation.

Overly scripted ones should be avoided. It is better if you consult a graphic designer to find one

that will suit your theme. And of course, once you have settled on a font, you need to decide

which type of paper will complement your style and font. Will it be in matte or gloss? Your best

choice is one that will translate your style to your guests.

As the date of your wedding looms closer, knowing you’ve planned and prepared your

invitations well can take off some of the pressures. Keeping these things in mind will make the

process easier and quicker, minimising mistakes and delays along the way.

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