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7 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Save Busy Brides Tremendous Time and Effort

7 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Save Busy Brides Tremendous Time and Effort

7 Wedding Planning Tips That Will Save Busy Brides Tremendous Time and Effort

Every bride-to-be fantasizes about her dream wedding but when the big day actually dawns, she is crazy-busy with her career which makes it simply impossible to juggle a hectic work life and plan for the wedding at the same time.

So here are 7 tips that will help you get it all done right, much faster without goofing up!


1.     Let Your Smartphone Take up all the Tedious and Time-Consuming Legwork

Use technology to your advantage when planning your wedding. There are so many wedding planning apps that can turn you into a pro wedding planner. The app will let you enter estimates and track your marriage expenses with charts and graphs that make it much easier to afford your dream wedding on a budget.

From using it for group chats and finding the best shopping deals to keeping your checklists handy and searching for honeymoon destinations - all of these things can be easily accomplished on a smartphone during that 1 lunch hour you get every day. So grab your phone and start striking off one task at a time from your wedding planning checklist!


2.     Hire a Wedding Planner  to Save Your time and Money

Hiring a professional for planning your wedding is the best thing to do because that you way, you will constantly remain on top of every detail and also have the final say - without experiencing any of the maddening stress that comes free with wedding planning. Your wedding planner will organize all your ideas into your dream wedding and handle everything from dealing with vendors to coordinating with photographers and everything in between. 


3.     Budget for Unanticipated Wedding Expenses Beforehand

Even if you have the best laid plans, last minute expenses are sure to pop up. So make sure when you are planning your wedding, you also apply for a marriage loan that covers all those unplanned marriage expenses. Using a personal loan for wedding will not only make sure that sudden expenses don’t derail your wedding planning but also save you from a lot of financial hassles during your marriage prep. Also with the new no-usage; no-interest policy, you won’t be charged interest on the unused amount that is disbursed to you – a perfect solution for weddings where expenses are bound to shoot up beyond budget.

So, if you want to avoid making rash money decision that you only regret later, research your marriage loan options today and enjoy a worry-free wedding.


4.     Don’t Let Your Beauty and Fitness Take a Back Seat

As your big day gets closer, put in as much effort as you possibly can for your skin care and your physical fitness. Have the best skin care regime in place and use a sunscreen when you are outdoors to maintain that glow. Find the time to hit the gym after work and at work, be sure to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Also keep a close watch on what you eat. Use smart apps to stay fit and beautiful.


5.     Delegate the Stressful Stuff 

When planning your wedding, give your DIY approach a break and seek some help from family and close friends who are willing to take up responsibility and share your load.

Everyone is good at something or the other, so make the most of their potential and distribute responsibilities accordingly. Once that is done, all you need to do is keep tabs on the progress and in case any issues crop up, you can take care of them on time leaving no scope for last-minute surprises. 


6.     Choose Your Vendors Wisely

Use the commute time to browse the internet and get the details of different vendors. You can also ask your wedding venue providers or wedding planner for a list of vendors they’ve worked with or highly recommend. You can reach out to all those vendors and get their quotes while also checking their availability for you big day.


7.     Choose a Wedding Venue That is All-encompassing

A major time-saving hack when planning your wedding venue is to look for an all-inclusive venue that takes care of all the services including catering and rentals apart from providing the space. These venues will arrange it all – from food and music to decor to entertainment!

If you’re on a tight budget, taking a marriage loan will save you from a lot of stress, anxiety, and worry. You can use the handy cash as and when expenses crop up and repay the amount in affordable EMIs over a convenient duration.

The post is by Shiv Nanda

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