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8 Amazing International Locations for Your Engagement Photos

8 Amazing International Locations for Your Engagement Photos

8 Amazing International Locations for Your Engagement Photos


An engagement is a special time in a person’s life, and accordingly deserves a set of special photos. If you’re planning an engagement photo shoot, you’ll first need to choose a photographer.

Remember to check their wedding portfolio to decide whether their style matches yours, and to figure out where their strengths and expertise lie, so you can rest assured that they’re the right person for your engagement shoot.


When you’ve chosen your photographer, you can choose your dream photo shoot destination. Of course, you may prefer to select your destination first and then pick a photographer who resides in your chosen location; it’ll depend on your budget and preferences. If you’re looking for the perfect international location, you might like to try one of the following countries:



If you want a colourful backdrop to your photos, Italy’s the place for you. Head to the Amalfi Coast, where Positano will make for a seriously special setting, or Cinque Terre, where ocean, cliffs, and colourful buildings collide. Visit in winter for the best chances of tourist-free photos and much cheaper accommodation.





Riads, palaces, and markets are just some of the iconic places that Morocco is famous for, and they’ll all make great settings for your engagement photo shoot. Head to Marrakesh for plenty of photo opportunities with all sorts of colours and patterns; try staying in a riad so you’ll be able to relax after your days in the bustling metropolis.



If you’re looking for a dream getaway to a warm tropical island, the beautiful islands of Samoa are an excellent choice. For example, Aleipata District in Upolu island, Samoa, has all you need to turn your engagement photo session into a trip to another world - from amazing beach backdrops to stunning waterfalls and guided tours for you and your fiancé to enjoy.



If you and your partner are city lovers, Tokyo, with its iconic skyscrapers and billboards, is sure to suit you both. Tokyo is the ideal place for a night shoot, too, if you want a little edge to your pictures; a talented photographer can do wonders with neon lights.



Beaches with incredibly clear water, fascinating cities, and some of the best foods in the world are just a glimpse of what Mexico has to offer its visitors. Try Playa del Carmen for bright, colourful, relaxed photographs – you won’t have any problems finding idyllic spots in this beachside town.


New Zealand

Huge lakes, breathtaking fiords, and towering mountains – New Zealand is a nature lover’s paradise. Windswept beaches in particular make for seriously romantic photos, and New Zealand has plenty of them throughout the country. You might also like to try walking trails, where you can immerse yourself in nature without encountering too many other people: try Roys Peak in the Wanaka area for incredible views, or Mount Robert in the Nelson Lakes National Park for panoramas you won’t forget in a hurry.



Want to include exotic animals in your pictures? Try taking a safari in Tanzania, where you’ll be able to see giraffes, lions, and leopards, and where, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get a few once-in-a-lifetime shots.




Famous for the Northern Lights as well as the Blue Lagoon, Iceland is full of otherworldly beauty at every turn. Wherever you go in this spectacular country, you’ll find a new spot to take incredible photos.



Choosing a country in which to have your engagement photos taken is bound to be difficult – there’s so much beauty in this world that you may well want to go everywhere! Wherever you choose to go, pick a wedding photographer with a stellar reputation and you’ll be sure to cherish your photos for life.



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