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8 Wedding Rings Trends for 2019

8 Wedding Rings Trends for 2019

8 Wedding Rings Trends for 2019

Wedding rings are designed to be forever, the symbol of love and commitment. However, we can’t deny that with each and every year, how we define the perfect wedding rings is always changing along with the trends.

Throughout 2018, we have seen many popular trends like the white gold bands (and also rose gold), oval-cut, and trilogy rings among other trens. Some of these trends will stay, while we will also see the brand new trends and the return of classic ones.

Without further ado, here are our wedding rings trend predictions for 2019, starting with number one.

1. Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold as a trendy color choice is not really a brand new trend, as it has been really popular for half a decade or so. However, we can expect the trend to stay in 2019, if not even more prominent than before.

Why is rose gold rings so popular? Most people will agree that rose gold as a color choice presents a unique combination of contemporary classic and unique, modern  touches: a refreshing change from the traditional yellow or white gold without being too over-the-top.

Rose gold presents a modern, elegant, and unique color scheme especially for couples with fairer skin tones.

2. The Return of Milgrain

Milgrain—or millgrain— is a jewelry design type you might have seen in the past, but never particularly notice. In a nutshell, milgrain—comes from the French ‘mille-grain’ which roughly translates to “a thousand grains” —, is a row of metal beads that are closely placed together.

We often see milgrain used as a border on classic-styled rings. However, nowadays milgrain is also often implemented in custom wedding rings with modern touches.

The milgrain design is especially prefered to give the rings that sophisticated, intricate looks, as well as giving the ring an expensive, handmade feel. We can expect milgrain to be a popular design choice in 2019, whether as the primary or supporting design element.

3. Yellow Gold’s Comeback

While rose gold and white gold have been more popular than the timeless yellow gold in the past couple of years or so, yellow gold has been making a comeback during 2018, and we can expect this trend to continue in 2019. More and more brides and grooms are choosing yellow gold for its classic look, and is often combined with more modern design choices.

We all know that fashion trends are always moving in a cycle, and so would yellow gold regain its throne in 2019 to be the most popular choice? We shall wait and see. However, if you are currently shopping for wedding bands, the warm, classic yellow tones can be an excellent, trendy choice.

4. Custom Design With Colored Gemstones

They say wedding rings (and engagement rings) are not complete without diamonds, but during the past few years, custom-designed rings with coloured gemstones and birthstones are getting more popular.

Many couples are now opting for unique, colored gemstones to have more personalization in their special day, and when done right, colored gemstones can look more expensive than your traditional diamonds.

If you are truly looking for that one-of-a-kind ring for your special day, colored gemstones and birthstones can be your option.

5. Thinner Bands

In line with the growing trends of minimalism surrounding the fashion and design worlds, many brides and grooms are now looking for smaller, thinner bands for their wedding rings. Simple, thin wedding bands are often combined with a minimalist dress, and the thin bands will put more emphasis on the beautiful stone, whether it’s a diamond or colored gemstone.

Also, a smaller wedding ring can be stacked with the existing engagement ring, another common practice by many brides nowadays.

6. Halo Setting

Based on the trends we have discussed above, we can see that vintage, classic design styles will be the popular choice during 2019. So, the return of the classic halo setting to popularity should be no surprise.

The halo setting is often associated with the big, round stone, but halo is actually quite flexible as we can add it to virtually any cut, even unique, bespoke ones. You can also combine the halo setting with unique band designs and intricate metal bands.

7. Unique Cuts

The round solitaire cut is usually the safest, most common choice for centuries, while the oval-cut stones have seen the rise in popularity throughout 2018.

In 2019, however, we can expect more couples to lean toward unique, unusual cuts, especially when combined with the colored gemstones trend discussed above. Oval-cut will continue to be popular but we can expect other cuts like marquise, pearl, or emerald as popular choices.

8. Complimentary Designs

In the past, there’s the unwritten rule that the bride’s wedding ring should match the groom’s, and even the design tone of the engagement ring.

This is no longer the case nowadays, and we can expect this trend to continue in 2019 along with more personalization and customization trends. In fact, many couples are now opting for totally contrasting designs between the bride’s and the groom’s rings. For example, the bride can choose a glossy finish while the groom might choose the matte.

With this trend, both the bride and groom can choose a unique ring they will totally like and would wear on a daily basis, rather than being forced to wear a thing they don’t like simply to match the spouse’s. Personality and freedom will be a huge emphasis in 2019.

End Words

There will certainly be more trends—even unexpected ones— that we’ll see throughout the upcoming 2019. Yet, the return to vintage, classic styles combined with unique personalizations will be the biggest thing for this upcoming year, and the one thing we can really be sure is that we will see even more variety in wedding ring choices for 2019.

So, if you are currently shopping for your wedding rings, you will need to assess all your different options. Make sure you have sufficient time, including for customization, and make sure to plan your budget well.

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