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Find The Perfect Wedding Suit

Find The Perfect Wedding Suit

Find The Perfect Wedding Suit

It’s no secret that your bride will be the centre of attention on your wedding day. However, choosing the right suit for yourself will be one of the most important tasks that you will face when planning the big day. You want to look top notch and look back at your wedding album with no regrets - it will be a day you hopefully treasure as fond memories for the rest of your life. Whether the occasion is a black tie, garden, classic or beach wedding theme, here are three essential tips that need to be taken into account when choosing the right suit for you and your groomsmen:

Get the right fit

The most crucial step when finding the perfect wedding suit is ensuring that it is the correct fit for your body’s measurement. Your current suit may seem to absolutely fit your body’s shape perfectly, however, the slightest nips and tucks can make an amazing difference in having the suit look like it was made just for you. The number one choice will always be getting your suit tailored.

In order for your suit to look immaculate regardless of the style of fit, some key factors to remember is to make sure your suit’s shoulder line mirrors your natural shoulder line, your waist dimensions correspond with your waist, your tie only reaches your belt, and your pants never exceed the length of a single fold. Most suit shops will also have excellent and fine tailoring services to help your suit complement your body shape.


Find the right colour and style

Now comes the fun part - choosing the colour and fabric of your suit. An obvious tip is to check what the bridal party is planning to wear, in terms of colour theme and style. The idea is to complement the bridal party, and vice versa.

If you and the bridal party are unsure where to start when choosing a colour theme, an option is to choose a colour and style based on the season. Planning your wedding at the beach? Off-white and light grey in a light fabric such as a cotton or linen blend are fabulous choices for summer. Are you planning a spring country-themed wedding? Then typical navy or midnight blue are your best options.

On the other hand, there are many options to choose from if you don’t want to be constricted by the seasons. Wool suits have traditionally been used in men’s suits for versatility. They are often thought of as heavier suits to be worn during the Winter. However, not only does this fabric keep you warm during the colder conditions - the breathable year-round fabric of wool is moisture-wicking, and breathes well in warmer weather. This fabric helps regulate body temperature, and an added bonus is that it is wrinkle resistant!

In terms of colour, you can’t go wrong with a black tie wedding suit - a more traditional look. If you’re aiming for a more elegant style, opt for a tuxedo. This classic style can be worn in any season, and won’t look out of place.


Complement your suit with accessories

Once you have your killer suit ready, it’s time to choose your accessories for some extra personality and sophistication.

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to upgrade your everyday watch, and treat yourself to a fancy investment (also practical since you won’t be late to your ceremony).

Pocket squares are a great way to add fun colours, prints and patterns to your special day, help differentiate your suit from the everyday to a special occasion, and in particular help differentiate your suit from your groomsmen. If you’re aiming to find ‘something old’ as per wedding tradition, you may want to ask your father or grandfather whether he’s got a special handkerchief or pocket square to lend you for your big day.

Quality cufflinks make a huge difference in adding polish and formality. As a thoughtful and practical gift, you may want to organise personalised cufflinks for your groomsmen, for e.g. the initials of your groomsmen engraved on their now personalised cufflinks.

Finally, go the extra mile and shop for a lapel pin as it will add a touch of sophistication to your suit. Rose gold or brass lapel pins complete black suits very well. This accessory puts the finishing touch to your look and will make you look extra dapper for your bride to be!


Trends may change from time to time for wedding suits, but take these three essential tips into consideration to help you and your groomsmen feel confident, photo-ready and superb on your special day.

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