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Fun and Exciting Hen Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Fun and Exciting Hen Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Fun and Exciting Party Ideas for Every Type of Bride

Hen parties or bachelorette celebrations have changed so much over the years. Back in

the old times, the bride-to-be celebrates her hen party with a long feast and a special

ritual with all her female loved ones. Today, you can find a variety of hen party themes.

In this article, we will help you find a perfect theme that can meet your standards.

#1 Enjoy a spa treat

It’s tough to prepare for a wedding. All that wedding preparation stress can take a toll on

your skin. If you don’t like partying all night with your girlfriends, you can opt for a spa

getaway instead. There are some spa resorts that offer group packages for bachelorette


You can book a complete spa package for all your hen party guests. Together, you can

relax and free yourselves from worry. In booking a spa party, you need to schedule your

appointment at least a month before your target date.

#2 Unleash your hidden tactical skills

Ditch your fancy shoes and your cocktail dresses for a one-day paintballing activity. It’s

an exciting and enjoyable activity that every cool and modern bride and bridesmaids

would love.

Paintballing packages include protective headgears, body armour, padded collars, and

goggles. Your safety is completely assured. All you need to think about is how you can

win the game.

#3 Sleep under the stars in style

Glamping is the trendiest way you can get in touch with nature. You can often see

celebrities and music festival-goers hanging out in luxurious yurts and teepees. If you

and your gals love doing stargazing and lighting up bonfires, you will also love


Some glamping companies offer serviced tents, complimentary drinks, free gourmet

meals and bonus activities.

#4 Solve an escape room game

Are you brave enough to get locked in a room? Do you love watching movies about

super sleuths like Nancy Drew or Hercule Poirot? If your answer is yes to both of the

questions, then you will like getting locked in an escape room. Escape rooms are so


You can find a lot of challenging escape room games all over the globe. Choose from

an extensive selection of themes, puzzles, and games.

#5 Bring out your artsy side with a life drawing class

It’s been a tradition of many brides-to-be to hire a male exotic dancer for their

bachelorette party. If you’re not to keen on doing the same, but you want to offer a

somewhat similar experience to your bridesmaids, you can try hosting a life drawing

class instead. It’s classy, and it’s a sure way to get your guests super excited.

Each life drawing class package includes the necessary art materials needed. Your

guests will surely have a good time drawing the nude model.

#6 Choose to celebrate in a farm

Apart from enjoying a spa treatment with your gals, there is one other thing you can do

to get rid of your wedding stress. You should head to the countryside! There are party

vendors who can arrange a countryside themed hen party for you.

You and your entire bridal squad will be chauffeured to the quiet side of town. Some of

the farm activities you can do include herding pigs, picking fresh produce and milking

cows. You also get to stay in quaint cottages with your guests.

#7 Get creative by making your own perfume

What better way to celebrate your hen party than learning how to make perfume. There

are plenty of party vendors who can help you book a perfume making lesson. During the

class, you will learn everything you need to know about perfume making. You and your

girls will also get the chance to create your own scent.

If you’re a fan of celebrity perfumes like Paris Hilton’s Fairy Dust and Elizabeth Taylor’s

White Diamond, then you would love booking a perfume lesson for your hen party


#8 Learn belly dancing

Belly dancing is one of the oldest types of dance in history. It is mostly performed in

social gatherings and events. A lot of women want to learn how to belly dance. It’s most

likely that your friends want to learn it too.

Attending a belly dancing class is a fun and intimate activity you can do with your

dearest girlfriends. With the help of a seasoned dance instructor, you can learn how to

shake your hips the right way. In no time, you and your girl squad can shimmy your hips

in a hypnotising motion.

#9 Teach your girls how to do their makeup

Help your bridesmaids learn basic makeup tips and tricks by enlisting the help of a

seasoned wedding makeup artist. You can even hire a hairstylist to help your girls learn

the best hair care and styling tips.

Together, you can all learn how to choose the right colour palette and hairdo to use for

weddings, evening gatherings, and other special occasions. Once everybody’s done

with their makeup look, you should all take a picture.

Did you love the hen party ideas above? Which idea do you want to use in your own

hen party? Whatever you choose at the end of the day, enjoy every moment you have

as a single lady with your beloved guests.

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