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How to write an unforgettable wedding speech

How to write an unforgettable wedding speech

How to write an unforgettable wedding speech

Wedding day surely requires lots of preparation – you have to make sure everything is in the right place, people know what to do and everything goes perfectly. But if you are a guest you have just one main responsibility – a wedding speech. This is a great chance for you to tell the couple about how much you love them. But most people are afraid to talk in front of the public or do not know where to start with writing the speech. If you are one of those people – this list of advice on how to write an unforgettable wedding speech is just for you.

Keep it short

Even for an experienced orator, it is often really hard to keep everyone’s attention even with the best speech. So try to make it no longer than 5-10 minutes, usually that is more than enough to show your gratitude and remember ‘the good old days’.

You also have to remember some basic rules on how to perform it – do not mumble, keep your hands out of your pockets, smile and just try to be relaxed and friendly.

Get some help

If you are really that bad with words, there is always a solution for you that is called ‘Google’. As mentions content editor of Essay Supply Joan Felangi: “You could just look up online some speeches and later combine it with some of your ideas. This way you will get a great speech”.

Another thing you could do is to assign writing a speech to a professional agency like Flash Essay or use some platforms that help people with developing their writing skills, for example, Grammarly or Wedding Speech Builder where the last service is designed specifically for people with similar problems.

Jokes aside

You should be really careful while including jokes into your wedding speech. People tend to have different sense of humor and what is funny for one person might seem even rude to another. So maybe you should think about including some personal jokes that only the married couple and you will most likely understand. It does not mean that you should not try to be funny at all, just try to avoid personal or questionable topics. The last, but definitely not the least – be sincere. Even the most boring wedding speech can always be saved with the person speaking it from the heart.


Do not forget to give your written speech a few glimpses afterward. Never go to a wedding with a speech that you wrote a week ago and never read ever since. Just think of how many mistakes might be there! If you do not want to feel nervous after noticing one of those mistakes in front of the crowd and in the middle of the speech – you would better proofread your material beforehand. You could also use some services for that like Get Good Grade, Writing Center or My Speech Class.

Keep the notes

If you cannot brag about having photographic memory, you would better have notes while making a speech. It is better that you feel too farsighted than if you forget something right in the middle of the speech and will be standing in front of everyone mumbling words. ‘You do not have to print the whole speech out (though it might seem like a good idea if it is really small), just write some bullet points that would help you to quickly memorize things you have to speak about’ says Maggie Hanna, the Head of QA Department of Online Writers Rating.

Be grateful

It would not be a bad idea to say ‘thank you’ to the couple and everyone who was involved in the organization of the wedding. Just a few words about how awesome everything turned out to be might make them even happier. You have to understand, that wedding day is not exclusively for the newly married, it is for the guests as well. So take some time to show how much you appreciate their efforts.

So if you use all these advises there is a great chance you will eventually come up with a truly unique and memorable wedding speech. Just remember to speak from your heart.

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