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Most Popular Engagement Ring trends in Sydney for 2019?

Most Popular Engagement Ring trends in Sydney for 2019?

Most Popular Engagement Ring trends in Sydney for 2019?


Now when you probably think of the most popular style or shape of engagement ring you would think it would be the round cut. Wrong.

2018 was a very interesting year. With so many different shapes being sought out for newly engaged couples, who would have thought we had the year we did with so many upcoming trends? In 2018, we saw the biggest explosion of oval diamonds both in Armans Signature Seamless Oval Halo and the Olivia Diamond Ring.

Jewellery Connoisseur Aris at Armans Fine Jewellery discusses that celebrities have a big part of shaping this trend. “With the recent engagement of Blake Lively and Hailey Baldwin, they both got enormous oval diamonds - two high profile celebrities and this is what set it off! Only when makes the news do people see these shapes that were not typically such as the classic round shape. 9 out of 10 times, the engagement ring sold has been an oval cut and that has broken records - no diamond shape has ever come close to beating the round cut except for the cushion diamond when Kim Kardashian got engaged”.

As for 2019, will the trend of the oval diamond continue? We will have to wait and see, but it has already started off on a high note. However, a contender has come in to play. Another diamond shape that not many people know about and it one of the most underrated shapes of all time. Can you guess? It is the Radiant Cut Diamond and not far from it is the pear-shaped diamond.

You have all probably heard of the emerald cut diamond, it is beautiful, with its elongated facets that you can see directly into. However, imagine seeing more life and sparkle out of that diamond and then you have the Radiant Diamond. If you are following us on our Instagram page, you will see that we have made a few radiant diamond rings and people are mesmerised by their beauty!

It has more facets than any other fancy shape boasting the most facets of any other diamond shape actually even the round, the radiant diamond lights a fire with 70 facets even more than the popular oval diamond that’s why it truly speaks for itself! It has already picked up a lot of traction for 2019. We even have had clients travel all the way from the USA to see and create such a masterpiece! The oval cut is still in front however, all it will take is a for another high-profile celebrity to set if off! We have our eyes on Instagram mogul Kylie Jenner to light the spark for this one.

And the pear cut diamond has come into the spotlight with an array of high-profile celebrities such as Cardi B, Ariana Grande and Paris Hilton - all being presented with a pear-shaped halo engagement ring – just another design proving to becoming incredibly popular.

As 2019 is only just beginning, it is still early to tell we look forward to what this year brings us! To find your very own diamond engagement style book an appointment with Sydney’s finest jeweller, Armans Fine Jewellery.

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