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The Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

The Best Questions to Ask Your Wedding Videographer

When selecting the wedding videographer of your dreams, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of not asking the right questions.

Yes, you might have seen evidence of their breathtaking work doing the rounds on social media. Yes, you might have heard from your married friends that this wedding videographer is the biggest and best. However, it’s important you qualify a videographer is suitable for your wedding by asking the right questions.

By asking a few of the below simple questions, you can make sure that you find the right wedding videographer for you. 

Before the Big Day

Are You Available on my Wedding Date?

Before you completely set your heart on a wedding videographer that is already booked on your wedding day, make sure you check their availability first.

For some couples, the memories recorded in their film can be as important as the day itself. If the wedding videographer you want is booked, some may even go to the extreme of seeking alternative dates.

With so many weddings now being booked sometimes years in advance, with a little bit of patience, sometimes you really can have it all.


Can I See Examples of Your Work?

It’s a good idea to ask for example videos from your videographer, which showcase their style and favorite shots.

From these examples you can get an idea of how their preferred style fits with your wedding theme and how you picture your video. If you like their past videos, your next questions should be….


How much does it cost and when do I pay? What do I get for that amount?

By making it clear when the expected payments are you will get a better idea how it fits with your wedding budget. Payments will usually take the form of a deposit and balance paid before the wedding.

Make sure you are clear that there are no hidden costs involved for editing or the format the videos will be supplied in (USB, CD etc.)


On the Big Day

What Shots do you want to Capture?

By exploring the types of shot the videographer wants, you will know when you need to make sure you are in position for the cameras. A good videographer will merge in seamlessly meaning you shouldn’t have to think too much about what footage they are capturing.

From summoning your closest relatives to providing moments of natural happiness, to even asking for advice on the best shots – make sure you carry on the conversation with your videographer on the big day to ensure everything is going as planned . And, you keep your wedding videographer happy – win win!


Can I Get You Anything?

From food, to a drink, to even a break – it is critical that you remember that your wedding videographer, although are providing a service, are still human too!

A wedding day can be stressful, yet by being courteous to your further guests can ensure that they are happy, comfortable and welcomed, and when provided with the correct environment to work in, the videographer has the means to create some really special stuff.

Don’t forget! If you are expecting some footage from the journey between the church and the reception, your wedding videographer need not bring their car to the church. Factor in how they are to move between venues to ensure that nobody gets left behind.


Post Big Day

What format will the video be in?

Most wedding videographers by uploading it to a video sharing site or online sharing platform. If you require a USB or CD, double check this is available with your package.

Can We Change Something?

Remember when you are purchasing a service for such a special day that the end product must be what suits you, otherwise your wedding video has the potential to annoy you for years to come.

If your wedding day doesn’t exactly go to plan, then there could be some parts of the wedding that you want excluding from the footage. On the other hand, there may even be some moments from the big day that you want to remember and cherish forever.

By establishing what worked and what didn’t shortly after the wedding, you can ensure that there are no nasty surprises on arrival of the end product.

Although most wedding videographers can provide a sneak-peak of what is to come, they cannot always amend the final product once it has been processed. Negotiate a suitable time to catch up with your videographer post wedding day, select (and reminisce) on some of the beautiful moments, and trust their instinct – if there is a reason that you selected this team initially, then you must have faith that they are going to provide the most spectacular wedding video you have ever seen.

Don’t forget to ask the above questions for your fast-track to the best day (and wedding video!) you have ever seen. 

This article was contributed by HD Moments Wedding Videography, luxury wedding video specialists based in London.

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