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Top 11 Reasons Why You’ll Want a Farm Wedding

Top 11 Reasons Why You’ll Want a Farm Wedding

Top 11 Reasons Why You’ll Want a Farm Wedding

A country farm wedding is a fantasy for many couples. Surrounded by the sheer beauty of nature and secluded wide open spaces, it’s easy to see why many would like to take their wedding vows in a barn setting. Of course, like any wedding, there’s still planning needed in every detail, to make the barn to come alive, like the services of a skilled wedding planner, well-designed decorations, and a photographer’s artistic eye. In all, a barn wedding makes a great visual impression on your special day - for you and your guests.  Here are some other attractive qualities of barn weddings you might not be aware of:

  1. The rustic setting

With their effortless romantic rural appeal, many couples are naturally drawn to countryside weddings. Barn wedding venues have that special charming rustic style, managing to outshine even those grand ceremonies held in a five-star hotel or other locations. The atmosphere is less formal and the air, refreshing, as the couples lovingly say their ‘I dos’.

2. Memorable stationery

It’s impressive how personalised paper stationery can give a fantastic vibe to a wedding. Be inspired by the country-style setting to come up with well-designed bespoke stationery. Forget about those glossy, modern themed invites and menus. Instead, consider decorating all your stationery with farm-inspired twines and pressed flowers. Such country farm inspired parchment will surely impress your wedding guests.

3. Respite from the big city

A farm wedding also offers a temporary break from work and busy city life. The reception can provide your guests with a chance to relax and have fun. However, if your guests are unfamiliar with the country roads, consider providing them with GPS coordinates. You could also offer your guests transportation going to the wedding venue. Such an alternative will also allow all of your guests to arrive at the same time. Meanwhile, transporting them back is probably a good idea, especially if they have drunk alcohol at the evening party.  

4. Beautiful country view

The farm is sure to provide fantastic memorable views of the glorious British countryside. Urbanites can get a glimpse of rural farm life that they may rarely see or experience. When the time comes for wedding photos, the landscape presents a stunning backdrop. The rustic majesty of the barn, rolling hills and even farm animals will provide an enchanting cinematic quality to your photo albums.

5. Wide open spaces

A wedding in a church or hotel can sometimes feel stifling. You won’t get that feeling in a barn wedding. You have the luxury of celebrating both the ceremony and reception in a vast open space. Even the weather is no threat once you set up a marquee or two. Also, it’s unlikely that you and your guests will have any issues with parking.

6. Design your wedding venue

Upon setting foot in a barn, you’ll notice that it’s bare. However, that makes the place easy to decorate and personalise with any theme you want. You’ll have no problem fitting it with any type of seating or lighting. For those who like decorating, dressing up a barn is only limited by your creativity. You can also select your prefered type of music and food for the reception.

7. Pick your attire

A farm wedding also allows couples and their guests the freedom to dress in any style of attire. You may wish to opt for less formal and lighter clothes than more traditional weddings. Especially if taking place in summer months this might prove a more comfortable alternative than heavy morning suits and extravagant long flowing dresses.  

8. Decorate it with flowers

Choosing which flowers to use in bouquets or centrepieces can be difficult when you are faced with a  wide array of flora and fauna. Fortunately, a barn wedding theme lends itself to very much a natural style, helping to narrow down your options. Wildflowers and various greenery in your floral arrangement will work very well.  Give the floral décor a free-flowing look by wrapping them with a ribbon or twine.

9. A step into history

Many of the barns serving as wedding venues are well-preserved structures from the past. For example, the Crockwell Farm wedding venue includes an 18th century stone barn, stables and stone structures attached to the stunning setting of rolling hills, farmland and woods.

10. Almost endless photo-ops

With an impressive background as a wedding venue, the photo opportunity is the best part yet. Both the happily wedded couple and their guests can have their pictures taken inside and outside the barn, with the backdrop of farmyard animals, wildflowers, yellow or green coloured crops. Expect your photo album to overflow with beautiful shots of that glorious day.

11. Wedding favours

As your guests prepare to leave, you may wish to offer them some special and memorable wedding favours that link to your overall theme. Instead of the usual gifts they may have received time and time again before, why not present them with farm-themed gifts like fruit preserves, a bottle of honey, some beeswax or a candle or soap. For the environmentally conscious, you could give a tree seedling or flower seeds.


A barn wedding is a world away from conventional weddings that lack the personal human touch. Making a commitment amidst a majestic view of the countryside presents a marriage that will forever be remembered. The joy, laughter brought out during the informal relaxing wedding will live eternally in the minds of the attendees. Also, those happy moments are permanently recorded, of course, in photos and videos to be cherished forever.

Author’s bio:

Harriet Thame is the marketing head at Crockwell Farm, a venue specialising in barn weddings. She’s the organiser of Taster Evenings, where couples start the planning process after seeing Crockwell’s best features.   

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