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What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

What to do with your wedding dress after the wedding?

Your wedding dress is one of the top items of your wedding. It is the item that many girls

and woman have dreamed about long before they even get engaged. It is the stuff of fairy

tales and dreams. Wedding dresses are personal and a true expression of the bride’s

individual personality and style.

Depending on your price range, they can also be a very large and significant proportion

of the wedding budget, with some designer gowns reaching $20 000 and the rest.

Some brides won’t blink an eye at paying this for a designer made dress, while other

brides are just as content with a $500 off the shelf cocktail dress. Whatever the price tag

really is irrelevant when it comes to the memories that all wedding dresses hold. What

other dress is more significant than the one you marry the love of your life in?

Wedding days come and go and it all happens in the blink of an eye. Most things about

weddings are consumed or disposable, only lasting/made for that one day, however the

bridal gown is the one item that many brides become unsure what they should do with

after the wedding.

The most common option most brides go for is to put them into storage. Once

professionally dry cleaned, many wedding specialists will box the gown so you can put it

your cupboard to reminisce the day when you do that yearly cupboard clean.

Other options for you include:

  1. Using your gown to make your future children’s christening gowns – this makes storage a wise and good option!

  2. Selling your gown. Many brides aren’t sentimentally attached to the dress and are happy to on sell the dress to another lucky bride. The hidden costs of weddings are a great motivating factor for this option when the bank account is looking anything but happy after the wedding! There are heaps of Facebook wedding groups and websites specifically set up for second hand wedding dresses.

  3. Donating your wedding gown. Donating your wedding gown is a lovely way to honour your special day and also provide some relief or happiness for others in need. Many women donate their dress to charities that use the dresses to make burial gown for babies. A beautiful and selfless gesture. There are also other charities that will collect the gowns and use to pass on to brides who can’t afford a dress of their own.

Whatever you decide to do with your dress, remember, you always have photos of your

special day to remember if you do decide to sell or donate!

About the Author:

Jodi is the owner and designer of Hey LuLu! and has been in the

Wedding and Bridal fashion industry for 15 years. Having been across many changes in

the industry, she is well known and respected for her stylish take on new trends and

popular and new concepts for weddings.  Based in Australia, Hey LuLu provides stylish,

luxurious and affordable Bridesmaid Robes for the perfect pre wedding photo shoot and

Bridesmaid gift.

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