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Why Weddings Will Look More Personalized And Natural This Year?

Why Weddings Will Look More Personalized And Natural This Year?

Why Weddings Will Look More Personalized And Natural This Year?

At its heart, your wedding will be all about you and your spouse-to-be. It is easy to lose sight of this crucial central theme in the haste and hectic schedule of flower consultations, wedding dress choices, photography, makeup and accessories selection, and seating chart brainstorming— however, it is obviously of prime importance.

As for wedding trends we are starting to see more personalized and natural additions to wedding themes and accessories.

Here are some of the latest trends that might cause weddings this year to look more natural and personalized.  

1 Non-Traditional Floral Components

In 2019, expect to see lots of unexpected wildflower add-ins, such as wheat and pampas grass, replacing fresh blooms in their floral installations of 2019. Wheat and pampas grass are great alternatives to flowers since they are unfussy, chic and add an extra layer of depth to the wedding design.

From creating a moody vibe at your wedding after-party to highlighting the aisle in your wedding ceremony, pampas and wheat grass can elevate any element of your big day. Other than non-traditional floral elements, there are new types of installations that will be also noteworthy. Florals are displayed in various ways throughout the wedding— covering the archways, filling the ceilings, and even a part of furniture.  

2. Custom Illustrations

This is another great personalization trend for 2019 nuptials. Custom illustrations usually entail hiring local artists to render some part of your big day and using the artwork in various ways to get the most bang for your buck.

Artwork which may appear on the “save-the-date” telling the love story of the couple can reappear on the linen napkins, invitation or even on band backdrops.

3. Vellum Paper Goods

For 2019, these almost-sheer paper accents are another popular trend. You can use vellum in various ways— calligraphed as an overlay for invitations, for escort cards and envelopes with beautiful hand-drawn artwork inside.

However, vellum is just one of the many ways that paper goods are evolving. You can expect to see other unique mediums such as acrylic, suede, leather and even gold leafing.

4. Personalized Place Settings

For those who want to throw a smaller wedding, this personalized trend will be the best fit for you. Couples are now replacing the generic place cards with their own handwritten notes. Personally writing a note at each place setting adds a special touch to your big day!

5. Custom And Artistic Edible Display

More and more couples are now turning food into art with a custom and artistic edible display. Guests can even look forward to snacking on different chocolates, cheeses, nuts, fruits, meats, and bread on custom grazing tables.

Also, many couples nowadays are ditching the traditional wedding buffets and opting for the more memorable choices. The popular example of custom-created, interactive food stations includes popcorn bars, guacamole bars, and tea bars.

6. Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Rather than browsing a wedding dress online catalogue and choosing the one that takes your breath away, brides are now opting to design their own dress. This make strapless mermaid wedding gowns more unique while carrying the bride’s personal style.

7. Plants In Wooden And Ceramic Boxes

For a wedding table centerpiece, couples are now going natural and featuring nature-inspired or earthy centerpiece elements such as stones, crystals, and leafy green plants in wooden or ceramic boxes.

8. Signs Continues To Get More Personalized And Modern

Wedding signage is getting more personality and life. Some of the biggest wedding signage trends include letter boards, light boxes, as well as a creative seating chart display.

9. Custom And Edible Favors

Wedding guests can now expect custom favors that they can actually use. In addition, edible wedding favors are getting more popular with ideas for drink and food-related favors including special spice blends, custom hot sauces, artisan olive oils and more.  

10. Customized Dance Floors

Monogramming is not new, however, there’s a serious increase of monogrammed dance floors this year. Grooms and brides used projections, decals, and more to customize the space where they partake in their first dance together as newlyweds.


Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event.

So, why not weave pieces of you and your partner’s personalities, interest and love story into the design of your glorious day? Anyone can throw a wedding party, but your history and love story is one-of-a-kind and it is certainly worth telling and sharing on your big day.

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