"One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers", Nicholas splits his time between Australia and Paris. His photos have appeared in Harpers Bazaar, the New York Times and

Nicholas is the publisher of the School of Wedding Photography, a popular blog teaching wedding photographers around the world.

Profile: Lisa Sellin Makeup Artist

Profile: Lisa Sellin Makeup Artist



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"One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers". I've been been a professional wedding photographer for 15 years. My work has appeared in Harpers Bazaar UK, the New York Times, Style Me Pretty and In 2015 Style Me Pretty interviewed me, in 2016 Complete Wedding Magazine called me "One of the World's Best Wedding Photographers".

Profile: Lisa Sellin Makeup Artist

Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and how long you have been working as a makeup artist.

My name is Lisa and I'm from Sweden, since a few years back I work as a freelance makeup artist and do mostly weddings. I also do a lot of other things for example makeup for Fashion Week in Stockholm, music videos, TV shows and commercials etc.

I went to the one of the most well known Swedish makeup school Björn Axen academy with experienced teachers. My favourite makeup to do is on brides and bridesmaids because i love the energy and being apart of such a special day. I also did my hair stylist education at that school and I'm very happy with what i learned.

I loved makeup since i was 13 years old, its been with me now and I'm so happy i manage to work with it as i do now, I'm a social and energetic person who loves being around people and travel.

What brand of products do you use? Or does the bride supply them? Would you be open to using the brides own make-up?

In my makeup bag there is a lot of different brands, its my all time favorites from what I've found works best over the years for example makeup that’s look good for a long time. I use brands like Mac, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Benefit, Laura mercier and others.

If a bride wants me to use their own makeup I'm definitely open to that or also if the bride have some favorite products for example a mascara, brow product or other i can use that instead of what i have in my kit.

How do you charge? By the hour or per person? And what does that include?

When i do makeup for a bride i charge $150, that includes a trial and lashes. If any bridesmaids want makeup i charge $100 but with no trial included and extra $10 for lashes.

If the bride also want their hair styled the price depends on what she want and how much time I have to put on the hair but it starts at $70 and it wont be more then $100.

Do you travel to brides or do they have to come to you?

Whats usually included in my price is that i come to the bride both for the trial and on their wedding day, I think that makes it all easier for the bride and less to think about for her. But if its not in the area I'm working in I'm taking an extra charge for the travel, but that depends on where it is..

Do you do trials before a wedding?

I always try to do trials before the wedding because i think its better for both me and the bride, i always feel secure about what I'm doing and i know i can do anything a bride can wish for but i want the bride to feel secure both with me and my makeup.

Sometimes its not working with a trial for some brides and then its just more important to talk before about what she wants with some inspirational pictures etc.

Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day?

Depending on how many people that wants hair or makeup done and how much time there is for everything i have the possibility to bring assistants or other experienced hair/makeup artist with me if needed. The most common is that i do everything myself, but if there’s no time or many people that wants to be fixed i call in help.

What will happen if you’re sick or have an emergency on the wedding day?

Since the beginning of my makeup artist career i have never called of makeup for a wedding or other important jobs, i take my job very seriously and always prioritize work. Especially on wedding days, its a very special day where my work is very important. If something would happened that does that i cant come i always try to have a person that can help me.

Does a fake tan affect make-up?

Yes it affects the makeup in the way of color match for example the foundation, fake tan can be very beautiful but its always important to try it before you actually do it for the wedding day. Its also good to try it out for the makeup trial so i can see exactly which color that’s the best match for example the foundation.

Its very important to do for example fake tan, dye brows or lashes a few days before the wedding and don't try any new skin care products a few days before the wedding since it can make you break out or for allergic reasons.

Do you also do wedding hair?

I first learned how to do makeup but my interest for hair have just grown more and more for every year. I style hair for weddings and its so much fun to get the whole style for both hair and makeup.

What's your tips on how brides can keep their makeup fresh for the whole day? Particularly in our hot summers.

The most important thing with makeup for weddings is for it to last all day and night, the years that’s I've been doing makeup i have learn the tricks. The biggest thing i focus on is the base, how to prep the skin and make it as sweat proof as possible. I also teach the brides how they can do during the day to make your makeup last and look the best it can, the most common mistake people do when they are sweaty is to powder too often. Its best to have blotting paper in your purse and use that the most of the time, but its also good to have powder to prefect the makeup once or twice during the day.

What are the most common questions you get from brides? (and can you answer them as well please).

The most common question i get is how long it takes for me to do the hair and makeup. I like to have time since its a really important day and that’s not only for me but for the bride because usually things get in the way like talking to people or answering the phone etc so for makeup i take 1 hour. For a hairstyle depending on what it is i do its usually takes from 1 to 1,5 hour. Another common question is also when we should book the trial, i usually like to do a month before the actual wedding so its not to far to the wedding but we also have time if the bride wants to do any changes. Of course it also depends on when the bride have time, I’m usually very flexible. One of the questions i also get asked is if the bride need to take any makeup products of her own. The only two things i think is good to have with you during the day is a lipstick or lip gloss, since that’s something that goes away pretty easy. Another thing i recommend to have with you is a powder to prefect the makeup during the day.

Photos by Malin Norlen, Olof Ringmar, Max Larsson, Helena Parmer, Emelie Ingverud, Emelie Ingverud.

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