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The 1896 Wedding: New York: USA

The 1896 Wedding: New York: USA

The 1896 Strand Rare Book Room Wedding: New York: USA

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If you like edgy and something different then you should consider the 1896 in Brooklyn for your wedding venue. It's a factory space where you can create a truly unique wedding. For this profile I spoke to Loren Erdrich, Studio Manager.

Tell us about your venue. How long have you been holding weddings and how many weddings do you hold per year? 

This turn-of-the-century factory space- has a tangle of different event spaces and photo/film shooting locations- both indoors and out - from a smokestack to brick-lined alley way. Small and large bookings welcome. Loads of space available for events & lectures.  We began hosting photo shoots back in 2008 but didn't have our first wedding until 2013. Now we probably host about ten a year.

Why should a couple consider your venue over other venues? 

We are not your typical wedding venue in that we are a industrial space with a lot of character.  Our venue is right for couples who enjoy the process of totally transforming a raw canvas into their dream wedding.  Want a food truck next to your dance floor?  A croquet set?  A wood-fired pizza oven?  An outdoor lounge in our courtyard? You can have it.

What’s the first thing brides usually ask when they come and see you?

People usually ask if they can rent individual areas separately, or if everything has to be rented together.   At The 1896 you can choose as many spaces as you like - our rate is proportionate to the number of spaces you rent.

What size functions can you hold/host? 

Maximum is 2000 people standing with proper permitting for our whole space.  For weddings our magic number has been around 175 for a seated dinner with everyone in a single space.

Can couples bring in their own caterer? What about alcohol? 

Yes - they are welcome to use whichever caterer they choose - a liquor license is required if they'll be serving alcohol.

Can the ceremony be held at your venue? 

Yes - in any rented space the couple choose.

Are the couple free to decorate as they like? 

Yes, we just ask that you do not paint our walls or floors.

If your venue is outdoors is there a backup space in case of rain? 

We can normally work something out with one of the interior spaces - it's always a conversation to sort what works best.

Could you give our readers some indication of the range of prices for hiring your venue? 

General ballpark is $7-18K; however it could potentially be lower during our slow season - it never hurts to ask us!

How early do couples need to book you? 

Because we're an unconventional venue, we don't require much advance notice. Our normal business in the photo/film worlds book sometimes a week out!

What time at night can weddings stay at your venue? 

We only require that the music is off by 2am on weekdays and 4am on weekends.

Do you offer accommodation options? 

We do not.

What other (if any) wedding services do you offer? 

We are happy to share with you a list of planners and vendors who have been here in the past that we enjoyed working with. We also have a recommended architect if a TPA permit is required. 

How can people get in contact with you?

They should email us:

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Website: The 1896

Telephone: +1 718-451-6531

Address: 592 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Strand Rare Book Room Wedding: New York: USA

Strand Rare Book Room Wedding: New York: USA

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